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Virus-mimetic nanovesicles as a versatile antigen-delivery system.

Date:2016/9/2 Views:696

Zhang PF, Chen YX, Zeng Y, Shen CG, Li R, Guo ZD, Li SW, Zheng QB, Chu CC, Wang ZT, Zheng ZZ, Tian R, Ge SX, Zhang XZ, Xia NS, Liu G, Chen XY.

It is a critically important challenge to rapidly design effective vaccines to reduce the morbidity and mortality of unexpected pandemics. Inspired from the way that most enveloped viruses hijack a host cell membrane and subsequently release by a budding process that requires cell membrane scission, we genetically engineered viral antigen to harbor into cell membrane, then form uniform spherical virus-mimetic nanovesicles (VMVs) that resemble natural virus in size, shape, and specific immunogenicity with the help of surfactants. Incubation of major cell membrane vesicles with surfactants generates a large amount of nano-sized uniform VMVs displaying the native conformational epitopes. With the diverse display of epitopes and viral envelope glycoproteins that can be functionally anchored onto VMVs, we demonstrate VMVs to be straightforward, robust and tunable nanobiotechnology platforms for fabricating antigen delivery systems against a wide range of enveloped viruses.


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